E-prosecutor system use - properly executed and substantively correct the necessary legal document. It is now developed two lines of the document generation - Submission Business Register, as well as enforcement actions, including the submission of documents for the court, court executors, administrators, the other party.

Samples of documents developed in our company, taking into account the client vajadzībasLatvijas law of the Republic. Documents to be correct, accurate and clear, detailed, subject to necessary references, calculations, laws and regulations.

Document preparation is required for legal knowledge is required only basic data on the debt or of persons and time 1 - 5 minutes.

E-prosecutor facilitate legal advisers, lawyers, attorneys and other individuals / executives, that is determined by the court according to jurisdiction, law enforcement any jurisdiction, default interest at the Bank and the Latvian Civil Code rates (also in consideration historical data), warns of the personal insolvency proceedings , accurately complete the form.

The program also imports data from XML files (in agreement with the customer, may be sold on imports from other data formats), thereby facilitating a reduction and shortening the time required to prepare the document. Such a possibility was ruled out the possibility of clerical errors and allows for an accurate result. For example, in many / all unpaid late payment of lading, it would be necessary to list all unpaid or partially paid bills of lading, for each a precise calculation of liquidated damages and / or default interest, to state with reference to the obligation to pay the past due payments to the Civil Procedure Law provided for the fee calculation and send the document prepared by the law court with jurisdiction. The system E-prosecutor of the debtor / debtor data import to take half a minute at the time. Such information can be entered in the accounting / banking program file. These activities should be time-consuming event in a non-specialist and the loss of time, if they carry out specialist, and the entire risk of error in addition to maintaining the document number and date, the interest charge calculation, the court, the bailiff's identification.

It is also prepared complaints, warnings, sale agreements, assignment statements, settlement, agreement, the late payment of default interest calculation and prepare forms and other documents. Some samples of the documents on display here
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